Ashley Madison Review 2021 – Is It The Best Dating Website?

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Wink Feature
Priority Feature
Message Plus
Value Potential
Affair Guarantee


  • You can make your favorite list
  • Travel Feature lets you message 30 more people
  • Wink feature shows that you are interested in someone
  • It is easy and quite reasonable
  • The interface of it is pretty basic


  • Website is not totally free

AshleyMadison seems to be a genuine website for all those people who are looking to get laid out. The interface of it is pretty basic, and it is easy to connect with people if you have purchased the membership.

Price:$ 49

This post is about Ashley Madison Review 2021.

Read to get a true and honest Ashley Madison Review.

If you are someone who is already into a relationship but still wants to explore the world like you are single, then AshleyMadison’s Review is going to help you a lot.

Here, we are going to cover every single important piece of information which you must be waiting to get started.

To keep it very clear, AshleyMadison is a different website from other usual dating sites. It is only formed for the people who are in a relationship but still wishing for an extramarital affair.

Ashley Madison Review

AshleyMadison is going to help irrespective of your interests as the website caters to all the people no matter if they are interested in open relationships, monogamous or polygamous.

They are open to all. And since they have made it easy for everyone, the website managed to gain popularity in a very short time.

Back in 2015, AshleyMadison’s database was hacked, and the personal information of their members got released to the public.

But in a very short span of time, the website managed to rebuild its reputation again. Now they came back with a much safer environment for all their members.

Ashley Madison Review 2021 – Free Hookup Sites

AshleyMadison comes with a tag line of “Life is short. Have an affair.” Because of this controversial tag line, the dating website has been featured in the news many times.

So today, let us learn more about AshleyMadison in this AshleyMadison review. So let’s get started. Log-in details

If you are already impressed with the overview of AshleyMadison and want to sign-up for it, then you need to first register yourself on it.

As the leading dating website doesn’t want to retake any chance with the privacy of its members, you will be asked a few more questions than any other dating website would ask to sign-up.

However, the questions are easy, and you can answer them in 30 seconds.

To make your account on the AshleyMadison dating website, these are the things you will be asked to sign-up.

Ashley madison review search your love

  • Your marital status- you need to tick on single or in a relationship.
  • You need to choose a username, but don’t worry if you want to stay anonymous. It’s not necessary to reveal your identity.
  • Password- you can check with the website if the password you have chosen is strong or not.
  • Your email address.
  • Date of birth.
  • Your current location and zip code- It is important as they will get help to get you a region-based match.

Pro Tip- There is nothing wrong with being extra safe. Hence, we recommend you to make a separate email address before you sign up for the AshleyMadison dating site and use that email address here.

Strictly do not use it for any other personal work to avoid any leaks of information.

Once you fill in all the information required, your profile will be ready.

The best part of the website is that you don’t have to fill in a lot of information visible on your profile as it is not required. You can simply put a unique username instead of your name.

Millions of people search a partner - ashley madison review

Things like your basic information, your city, location, age, zodiac sign, gender, and some little yet important details about the kind of relationship you are interested in and things that excite you will be visible.

You can anytime edit and change this information if you want to.

  • Their audience

As mentioned clearly in their tag line, AshleyMadison is focusing on people who are already in a relationship or married.

They are not like any other usual dating website that targets single people and bring them a match.

If you are in a relationship and you don’t mind having an extramarital affair, then this website can be the perfect option for you.

However, even if you are single, you still aren’t prohibited from the website. You can always try your luck.

  • Membership Criteria – Check out the full membership guide in Ashley Madison’s review.

Before you start thinking if AshleyMadison is free or how to message on AshleyMadison without paying, then we do have good and bad news for you depending on your gender and interest.

Ashley Madison Review is for everyone

If you are a woman who is looking for a man, then yes, AshleyMadison is free for you. You can use any feature of the site for free. However, if you are someone who falls under the categories such as

  • Women seeking women
  • Men seeking men
  • Men seeking women

Then AshleyMadison isn’t free for you. You need to purchase some credits if you want to enjoy the website and initiate communication with other members of the site.

Again, unlike other websites, there is no monthly subscription required. For using the premium features, you only need credits that you can buy per package.

There are three different packages available-

1- Elite

2- Classic

3- Basic

The names of the packages are self-explanatory. Elite requires 1,000 credits, classic required 500 credits, and for the basic one, you only need 100 credits.

Credits needed for the features are also not the same, and hence, you need more credits for some specific features.

Features such as sending priority emails, collect messages, and initiate emails will cost you 5 credits each.

Once you reply to the people whom you have contacted previously, you will not be required to use the credit every time you email them again.

For using the chat feature, you will again need credits. For 30 minutes, you need 30 credits, and for 60 minutes, you need 60 credits.

Virtual gifting is also available on the website. If you want to send a gift to your match, you can use 20,30 or 50 credits and send them one.

chat with love birds

For buying the credits, you can use various payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards, Interac money transfer, courier, mail, and western union.

Overall, the pricing doesn’t look unreasonable as compared to the features and safety the website is offering to its members.

Extraordinary Features

AshleyMadison is a perfect website when it comes to offering features to its members.

It will never fail you, and the chances are that you will get amazed by some of the features they are offering. So, let us take a look at them.

1- You can make your favorite list

We all have our likes, and we find some people interesting. So, here, you have the chance to curate your list of favorite AshleyMadison profiles.

You can add up to 100 profiles to your list, and the best part is that this feature is available to every single user, and it is free of cost.

2- Upload a discreet photo

Some people don’t like showing their real identity, and it is understandable.

And if you are on the AshleyMadison website, then you have an option to upload a discreet photo of yours.

While you upload them, you can also blur the image or add any face mask and sensor to protect your identity.

And again, this feature is available for free of cost and every member can use it.

However, when you meet someone who meets your criteria of liking, then you can give them the key so they can access the clear version of your photo.

Spend to your time with love

3- Travel Feature

If you are someone who likes traveling or who travels more often, then by paying a little amount, you can get the option to message a maximum of 30 women who live in that area, and in this way, you can get to know them better.

4- Wink

This feature is not very new but still is an interesting one.

If you are sending a wink to someone, it means that you are telling that you are interested. Whenever you open any profile page of any person, you will find an option to wink.

5- Message Plus

We have mentioned this feature in our AshleyMadison review earlier as well.

You will get a trial of 30 days, which is free and in which you can message and talk to anyone you had contacted before. But the free trial will only be available after buying a credit package.

6- Priority

This is a paid feature that will make your profile look stand out among all the profiles available on AshleyMadison.

If you use this feature, your profile will get a boost, and it will appear different on people’s searches.


7- Body Type

It is a mandatory feature that is available for both men and women. While making your profile, you are required to tell your body type and real weight to make it an easier choice for others.

8- Affair Guarantee

Now, this is truly an interesting feature which you would hardly see anywhere else.

The feature ‘Affair Guarantee’ is the one where members can apply to get the refund of their three-month subscription (1000 credits) only if they are fulfilling the conditions given below-

  • You need to create a full profile and upload a photo of yourself. You have to leave your profile visible at least for the first 3 months.
  • Now send a qualifying priority mail message to at least 20 different members every month, excluding the winks.
  • Send around 5 Ashley gifts in a month.
  • Participate in live chats for at least 60 minutes every month via the AshleyMadison website.
  • Follow the affair guarantee program rules and their terms and conditions.

If you have followed everything mentioned above and you still haven’t met someone in person to have an affair with, you are eligible to apply for a refund of USD 249 plus the taxes.

But make sure that you request within 30 days of program expiration.

Ashley Madison Review 2021

Making Contact:9.0/10
Profile Quality:8.0/10
Real Life Review:9.0/10

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AshleyMadison is an online dating site that started in 2002 by Darren Morgenstern.

This site is basically what you call heaven after hell; many people that are married have this feeling that having one is not enough.

For them, is heaven, as this is all about having affairs and secret relationships.

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FAQs | AshleyMadison Review 2021

🕵🏻- How much does AshleyMadison cost?

The website has many options to offer. Also, there are plenty of free features available that you can use, but for a limited time. And if in case you want to use the website without any restrictions, then these are the few plans given below- 1-100 credits for $59 2-500 credits for $169 3-1000 credits for $289.

✍️- Does AshleyMadison work?

Yes, AshleyMadison works well for everyone. The dating website is open for all, irrespective of their gender and interests. They also have the affair guarantee feature for their members, too.

👌- Is AshleyMadison legit?

Yes, AshleyMadison is a legit and real website. You can make your account free of cost. And if you are a woman seeking for men, then this website is exclusively free for you. However, if you fall into some other category, then you might have to buy some credits, but the website would work 100% in both cases.

Conclusion | Ashley madison Dating Site Review2021

Overall, AshleyMadison seems to be a genuine website for all those people who are looking to get laid out. The interface of it is pretty basic, and it is easy to connect with people if you have purchased the membership.

People all around the globe are using the website, and since it is easy and quite reasonable, you can go with the website.

Talking about safety, they have taken all the safety measures one dating site should. Be it keeping the data safe to discreet images, AshleyMadison is all safe for its users.

The Affair guarantee feature has gained the limelight for obvious reasons.

However, before claiming a refund, you must be sure that you have followed their terms and conditions.

Other than that, the website is worth spending every penny on, and you can, for sure, find your date there.

The website is a complete package deal for women seeking men because it is free for them.

But even if your interest is not men, then too, by choosing the right plan for you, you can enjoy most of the features the site offers.

If you are here for dating, spending time, or getting laid on, you are probably going to find your date soon.

Hope you enjoyed reading this Ashley Madison Review of 2021.

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