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If a single guy or any male foreigner tells you that he is going to Thailand “ONLY FOR TOURISM” then he is simply lying. A country that is known as the Sex paradise of the world attracting over a million tourists annually from different part of the globe can in no way be only a tourist spot.

About 95% of the people visiting Thailand are looking for only one obvious thing, SEX! With hot Thai hookers, beautiful bar girls at every corner of the street, any guy would want to meet and sleep with them each day you are there in Thailand.

hot thai ladies

If you are actually looking forward to fuck with hot Thai chics and have the wildest sexual experiences of your life, then you basically have four options to go with:

  • You go get yourself a hooker on the Walking street, but mind it, that will cost you quite a lot of money. Perfect for rich spoilt brats!
  • You go partying in the town, explore the bars and nightclubs, look for hot girls. However, the maximum of the girls you’ll find there will be freelancers with a day job and working as prostitutes at night to supplement their salaries.
  • You go looking for a hot Thai chic in the shopping mall or restaurant. But hooking up and fucking with these girls will take time.
  • This one is my favorite! You sign up to some popular online Thai dating sites and meet hot Thai girls. Easily arrange dates for free from your phone or laptop anywhere, anytime.

Best Online Dating Websites In Thailand

Since Thailand is such a Sex Mecca, there are a number of Thai dating websites to connect the outside world to the Thai hotties on the streets.

As Thailand has become more and more popular throughout the last 2 decades, the number of online dating sites in the market has increased.

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While most of the Non-Thai websites may be paid and sometimes expensive, there are a handful few Thai dating sites that are free and let you arrange dates with thousands of hot Thai girls signed up and ready for you to chat and meet them.

thai datimng girlsd

Because the basic chat functions like sending and receiving messages and uploading pictures are free on these websites, connecting with a Thai hottie and then getting her in real life is much more convenient than actually having to walk into nightclubs and try to hook up with one.

You can obviously upgrade to a premium membership if you want some other cool features.

Speaking from my own personal online dating experience with Thai websites, I have mainly been using two popular Thai websites to date and ultimately get laid with hot and attractive Thai women.

Thai Cupid

thai dating thai cupid

ThaiCupid is arguably the biggest dating site in Thailand and has an active userbase of more than one million members. Run by Cupid Media, the largest online dating network in the world, the dating website allows you to come online at any time of the day and interact with thousands of Thai girls online.

Signing up here is absolutely free and the girls on this website are friendly and ready to start chatting with you instantly.

best thai dating websites

This is one Thai online dating website that I have used the most and its easy-to-use interface makes online communication with Thai hotties an easy-go experience for anyone who logs in for the first time.

Their online active database consists of Cute, Hot, Skinny, Healthy, free or working Thai ladies, with whom you can connect throughout the entire day.

thai couple dating

I got to review my matches for free and I have dated all these kinds of chics. I have had some of the best sexual encounters of my life with the girls I met through ThaiCupid!

Thai Friendly

thai friendly dating

Just like ThaiCupid, ThaiFriendly is also free to join! It is the second most popularly used online dating website in Thailand and is commonly used by foreigners who are visiting Thailand to bang hot Thai chics day in and day out!

Of course, the website is not only meant for bringing partners together to fuck each other. You may also find a serious relationship in a cute and beautiful Thai woman. Depends on your preference of course!

After a free sign up, you can easily chat with thousands of eager, beautiful wanton Thai girls from any part of the country.

Since it is free, you can chat with end number of Thai women without even having to wait for a match. If you want some more online facilities, then you can always upgrade to a paid account, which would bring you more features.

I honestly felt that the free version of the website was doing so good for me, I haven’t felt the need to upgrade my account.

The last time I used ThaiFriendly, I got to arrange a date with a really hot Thai girl within an hour of chatting with her.

After having a brief date at a coffee shop near my hotel, I offered her a few drinks at my hotel room, to which she agreed. We went up and we had a blast!

thai friendly site

After a little cozy chit chat, we started with some intense kissing and hot foreplay, which quickly transformed into a heavenly blowjob to 69 and then her cowgirl ride! From missionary to even Amazon, we fucked in almost every sex position that night!

Verdict: Should you try these Thai Dating websites? | Dating Websites In Thailand


ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid are the only two Thai dating sites that I have signed up for till date when I began with the popular trend of online dating in Thailand about 2 years ago!

I haven’t had to try out anything else other than these. Of course, maybe to have some fresh outside air and not to go too far away from civilization, I went down the popular Walking street a couple of time to hook up with some chics at nearby bars, but when it comes to convenience and results, arranging a hot date through these two websites have been the “Go-Go” thing for me!

That’s not just my say! Both these websites are hugely popular and are super easy to use.

These are indeed great sitesto have a chance to connect with so many Thai girls with whom you can arrange dates whenever you want.

Whether you are looking for day outs, night parties, random dates, quick and random sexual encounters, and one-night stands or even a serious relationship with a Thai girl, everything will be on the platter for you here!


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Since Thailand is such a Sex Mecca, there are a number of Thai dating websites to connect the outside world to the Thai hotties on the streets.

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